Phonics Adventures™

A love of reading will blossom while your child is enrolled in Phonics Adventures™ classes. Designed to complement the core academic curriculum of our centers, Phonics Adventures is an exciting way to build a solid foundation for recognizing, writing, and comprehending letters, sounds and words. Ideal for children ages three and older, our hands-on, research-based approach helps your child build the foundation for a lifetime of academic success.

A Strong Start is the Best Start

The Journey

Your child will enjoy a variety of fun and challenging activities that offer explicit instruction, practice, and reinforcement of skills and concepts that are essential to literacy development. The program prepares young children for success in elementary school by providing a solid foundation in:
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics
  • Early writing

You'll be amazed at how quickly these skills develop!

Lessons Learned

The take-home Phonics Adventures kit contains a puppet, alphabet book, activity book, writing journal and other materials. This kit prepares your child for daily literacy exploration. Whether writing his or her name, letters or everyday words, your child will learn to recognize rhymes, sounds within words, and to express ideas.

After each session, you will receive detailed information regarding the progress of your child's learning adventure.

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