Math Adventures™

Children are most receptive to learning mathematics concepts and skills, such as logical thinking, computation and problem-solving techniques, during the early years. Developed for children ages three and up, Math Adventures™ sessions build a strong foundation for future math learning and turn the fear of math into a love of learning.

Take advantage of this opportunity to build on your child's natural curiosity. Through this unique educational experience, you'll watch your child's confidence and skills develop.

A Sum Greater Than Its Parts

The Journey

Exposure to logical thinking and fundamental skills in math helps children achieve greater success throughout their school career. Your child will explore a number of important math concepts, including:

  • Number recognition, counting, addition and subtraction
  • Recognizing, comparing and drawing two- and three-dimensional shapes
  • Measuring quantities and distances, such as volume, weight and length, using standard and nonstandard units
  • Classifying and sorting objects, along with matching and identifying patterns
  • Learning how to organize, represent and interpret data
  • Watch your child's love of math multiply!

Lessons Learned

With the Math Adventures program, your child will develop skills and learn computation of basic mathematics, logical thinking and problem-solving techniques. Our unique approach uses customized games, educational tools and activities that make learning fun. Take-home materials are provided that extend the learning to home and allow for additional practice. After each class our specially trained teachers provide an individualized note about your child's learning adventure.

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