Join us this summer

Our fresh and exciting summer themed curriculum is jam-packed with fun and learning to delight and engage your kids, including a new adventure every two weeks! Count on our centers for safe and reliable care as your kids explore fun and enriching indoor and outdoor activities, take part in special field trips, and enjoy healthy meals. Our flexible summer options include your choice of all day, part day, specific weeks, or all summer long. Whatever works best for you.

We’re pulling out all the stops this summer, to make sure it’s your kids’ best one yet. Each two-week summer adventure is designed with immersive activities that let kids take deep dives into exciting topics. Choose your favorites, or go all summer long with us!


Your child will dive into the world’s oceans, and discover the plants and animals that call it home. Your young oceanographer-in-training will surf the seas of knowledge from tide charts to echolocation to environmental concerns.


When it comes to learning about these natural wonders, the sky’s the limit. From photosynthesis to using different tools as “bird beaks” to eat with, there’s so much these plants and animals can teach your children about the world around them.


Kids will learn what makes the big top tick as they practice circus tricks and discover the scientific properties that make them possible. They will walk on stilts, practice juggling, and be amazed by gyroscopic stability and centrifugal force while clowning around.


Children will get to turn their incredible ideas into amazing inventions. They’ll learn how the greatest inventors succeeded, and prepare their own innovations to present at an “Invention Convention.” Ready, set, invent!


Children will delve into the intrigue and espionage of the secret world of spies. They’ll learn the tricks of the trade, like cracking codes, analyzing clues, and solving mysteries. They can look the part in their secret agent costumes, and even create their own spy fiction!


Kids shouldn’t let these little creatures bug them. These tiny animals are a huge part of our natural world. Your young explorers will go on a fun hike to find insects and arachnids, make bug-inspired snacks, create bug trading cards, and share their expertise with friends and families.