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The Science of Bubbleology

By Champions Science Adventures

Fun hands-on science activities to engage your child in discovery learning.

Bubbleology Surface Tension

What you will need:Bubbles

1 cup water
3 oz. dish washing soap
1 oz. of glycerin (from a Pharmacy)
1 sheet of cardstock

What to do:

Bubbles are exciting for all ages, but what is the science secret behind a great bubble recipe?

To make great bubbles, take a cup of water and add 3 oz. of dish washing soap. In the Science Adventure’s lab we found that regular Dawn® works the best. Next add the secret ingredient, 1 oz of glycerin and stir gently. The glycerin slows down the rate the water will evaporate and is the secret to longer lasting bubbles. Finally, cover the solution and leave overnight. This allows chemicals that might interfere with the bubbles - such as perfume - to evaporate.

You are now ready to take your cup of bubble solution outside. Roll the cardstock into a cone. Cut the tip off the large end so the bottom of the cone is flat. Blow a bubble by dipping the large end into the cup and blowing gently. Enjoy!

Science Adventures Bubbles

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