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Breakfast Parfait Recipe


6 oz Yogurt (vanilla or flavored)
½ Banana
½ cup Mixed Berries -blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry (fresh or frozen & thawed)
¼ cup Gram-o-la (see recipe)
1 Muffin**

Directions (Variation One):

  • Peel banana and slice lengthwise. Place on plate.
  • Top banana with berries.
  • Top berries with yogurt and sprinkle with granola

Directions (Variation Two):

  • Build parfait by alternating repeating layers of yogurt, crumbled muffins and fruit in parfait cup or bowl. Fuel your child's imagination by allowing them to build their own parfait from the ingredients provided.

Yeild: 1-2 servings

BREAKFAST Fuels the Imagination!

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