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Playground Safety

It is tempting to think of outdoor play as the relaxed, carefree part of your day. And that is exactly how outdoor play should feel for your child. But outdoor play requires your vigilant attention and supervision. Unfortunately, according to the National Program for Playground Safety, 40% of playground injuries are related to inadequate supervision.

Before taking your child to a playground, tell them how to play safely and what you expect of them at the playground.

Once on the playground, remind yourself of these three safety essentials:

Pay Attention

Move around the play yard, focusing your attention on your child and resisting the temptation to become distracted by conversations with other parents.


As you move around the play area, pay close attention to potential problems and watch for challenging behaviors. Step in immediately to prevent problems before they occur.

Big Picture

Be alert to everything happening on the play yard. Work cooperatively with other parents to watch problem spots, especially hard to see areas, gates, slides, and climbing equipment.

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