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When It's Time for a Nap

Naptimes are an important opportunity for young children to rest and recharge. However, naptime can present some special challenges. Here are a few things to note:

  • Your children may have different sleep preferences. Each one may require different amounts of sleep and different calming routines.
  • Children may resist napping because they prefer to play with friends or toys, are starting to outgrow the need for a midday nap, or have trouble self-calming before sleep.
  • Make sure your children sleep in cribs or cots or on mats only. Although younger children, especially infants, can fall asleep in swings or during stroller rides, etc., make sure you move them to a more appropriate sleeping place once asleep. Just like adults, children sometimes fall asleep in positions that are not comfortable or healthy for an entire rest time. Unless your child has a medical need to sleep in an upright position, a crib, cot, or mat provides the best sleep posture for a child.
  • Children do not require darkness to sleep. Be sure you have enough light to check on the children and to move about the room without risk of trips and falls.

Keeping these tips in mind can help ensure your children get the rest they need!

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