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Meet Ms. Courtney

Ms. Courtney
Ms. Courtney has been has been with us since 2002 and teaches Kindergarten, Science Learning Adventures, School-Age, and Summer programs at a center in New Hampshire.

Most Memorable Moment:

This couldn't be narrowed down to one moment, but down to one day each year when my Kindergarten students are graduating. Each year, I cry when I am watching my students, who have come so far each year, walk up to me and accept his/her diploma. I see the unique traits of each child and how much the children have grown and matured. The day is sad for me but so joyous at the same time to watch them move on.

What Do I Love Most:

I love seeing the children progress through the year. Watching children learn something new is the most rewarding aspect of my job, whether its learning how to tie a shoelace or read a new word. I love watching the children's eyes light up and how excited they get when they realize they have accomplished something new! I absolutely love my job and find it to be challenging and rewarding each and every day. There is always something new to look forward to and I truly enjoy coming to work each day.

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