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David Roy

Three Questions with…David Roy

As an early childhood education company, our employees are passionate about their work. David Roy, the director of Community Partnerships at Knowledge Universe, exudes passion in all of his work and many communities have benefited from his generosity. Below is an intimate look into why David has dedicated his career to helping others.

  1. What is your current position at Knowledge Universe?

    I am director of community partnerships, and I enjoy a number of areas of responsibility. I direct the company’s efforts around community engagement and corporate social responsibility—everything from local volunteer support to our national philanthropic campaign. I’m responsible for our partnerships with state and other agencies on educational initiatives such as state pre-k and school readiness programs, and quality ratings systems for early childhood education. I also oversee the Knowledge Universe Early Childhood Educator Awards.

  2. What does your background look like and how has it helped you in your current position?

    My background immediately prior to arriving at KU seven years ago was in nonprofit development. I worked in a number of roles at health and children’s organizations, whose efforts were directed both in the U.S. and internationally. During my time at KU, I have had responsibilities in myriad areas, including government relations, public relations, and business development. I think my background in the nonprofit arena has been helpful in understanding ways to partner with community organizations and to best leverage our support to address community needs.

  3. What do you love most about your work?

    My Knowledge Universe career began two weeks after our first child was born, and it has been a wonderful experience growing as a professional and as a parent here. I love what we do as a company, that we are a meaningful and positive part of so many children’s lives. My favorite work-related thing to do is to visit our centers, and spend time talking to and observing the wonderful people who do such great work with children (and, I invariably get pulled into a round of block-building or storytelling!).

    Another fun part of my job is directing our national philanthropic campaign every year. We’ve raised over $13 million since we began in 2002, and what I’m most proud of is our role in providing the initial community service opportunity for hundreds of thousands of children. What an honor it is to be part of that milestone!

    Finally, I really enjoy the variety of my role. During the week, I might be attending meetings with government and policy officials, then working to get a shipment of coats to a children’s charity across the country, then doing an interview with a television station, then getting on a plane to surprise an outstanding teacher with a check for $10,000. I feel truly blessed to be able to do what I do, for a company that supports and encourages community engagement. This is a place with great people who are passionate about children and education, and I love being a part of the team.

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