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Global Scholar Offer

Knowledge Beginnings is excited to bring you this special introductory offer from, a Knowledge Beginnings recommended partner, recently launched an online site that provides educational assistance and tutoring. The secure site lets students work with experienced teachers and qualified tutors via the web using interactive tools such as chat, audio, and whiteboard.

In addition to offering instant one-to-one help, the site enables students to pre-schedule a tutoring session or to simply submit a question to get homework/assignment help across a wide range of subjects and grades.

To celebrate the launch, we are offering you the opportunity to try for just $1 for one hour of tutoring*. Search, browse, and select from among a large pool of highly qualified, vetted instructors-GlobalScholar performs criminal background checks and validates credentials for all of its instructors-to find exactly the help your child needs.

Does your child need tutoring in math, English, science, or test prep? Try Global Scholar now to take advantage of the offer, and get the help your child needs now.

If you need assistance scheduling a session, please call's customer care at 1-877-824-4040.

If you or anyone you know is interested in generating supplemental income by tutoring on the GlobalScholar platform, we are looking for experienced U.S. teachers to come on board. Feel free to apply online.


* This offer is for new members only and expires on 12/31/07.

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