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Newsletter Survey

Late last year, we asked for your feedback about our newsletters in a brief survey. Almost 1,000 of you replied with your thoughts and we wanted to share the results of the survey with you:

  • Most readers are satisfied with the newsletter
    • 61% of parents indicated a score of 6 or higher on a scale of 1-10 where 10 was "Extremely satisfied."
  • We have the opportunity to improve the newsletter in many areas. The following were the most popular suggestions:
    • More center-specific information
      • Many of you suggested that we customize the calendar so that it is specific to your center. Other suggestions included providing information about your center's menu, profiling staff members, and listing local events for families.
    • More age-specific information
      • We can make the newsletter more relevant to your family by providing articles about your child's specific age group and describing the curriculum and associated activities from your child's classroom.
    • Some parents said that they would also like to see more information about our corporate employees and activities.
    • This chart shows other features you would like for us to include:
  • Parents prefer hearing from us in a monthly newsletter.
    • 77% of parents said they would ideally receive the newsletter every month.

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